Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wet plate portraits of Paco and Friends

The wet plate process is a natural fit with the amazing Flamenco gutarist Paco Strictland.
For many years I have admired his devotion to an art form he loves .
While many artist bounce around, he has stood true.
You might have heard his NPR show "Flamenco Cafe'",
but if you heard him play, you heard the sounds 
of a true gypsy soul, with duende.
Something the world really needs now.

 Paco , clear glass Ambrotype, 8x10
                            Connie and Paco

And with friends in 8x10, and our host, Pat . Thank you all for a nice sunday afternoon. ole'!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer tintypes

Here a are a few wedding portrait tintypes of Julie and Dargon.
All are 8x10.

  A view from the ground glass, something to always be savored ,via the iphone.
 Bonnie ,Victor and yours truly where shooting out at our local Art Museum,which happens to be on a Civil War Battlefield, (check mate happened here, Ken Burns missed this point, but Shelby Foote did not)-anyhow our local Confederates let us shoot in the their camp. If ever in Wilmington please visit the Cameron Museum of Art. All 5x7 in size.

 And last but not least, Vanessa in the studio, 8x10 tintype on black Japanned tin, shot on a 100+ year old camera in a process that is 161 years old. Matt Morris stopped in to film this for and created a new work called "American Tintype". More at mattmorrisfilms.com . check it- MIND BLOWING!
Photograph or lets say jpg by Matt of me, that day.

Friday, August 10, 2012

George Graves

My friend George passed through check-mate last week.
He was on his way to New Orleans just after theses tintypes.
I miss him.
He was in love.