Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tintype wedding

As if regular wedding photography is not stressful enough, how about a tintype wedding like my new friends Jamie and Tom. The couple choose to have a really personal wedding circa 1875. Here are a few of the 16 plates made(in 5 hours)(in blazing midday sun), half and whole plate sizes.
Many thanks to The Jarvis Mansion , New Bern, North Carolina,for making this a great day for all.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Tintypes of Spain

Always dreamed of Spain? Do you love Miles Davis's Sketches of Spain? or maybe Spanish Bombs by the Clash like me? Heres you chance to pre buy a print from my expedition to Noja. I have been invited to come to the Sianoja- Simposio International De Artistas En Noja. I am thrilled and honored, but it is not free, so I am pre selling 16x20 prints $162.80 nc sales tax applies. Your choice of the 50+ plates I plan to shoot. Portraits and landscapes with the orgins of the early explorers of the Cape Fear River in mind. They called the river "Jordan", by the way. 5 of 25 sold!!! Hurry this is a limited offer and other wise you will have to wait until Feburary to see the show at 621N4TH gallery. Call or email for your contract today. Fund art the old fashion
way, buy it!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

World Wet Plate Day 2011

2 of the 20 some plates I did today, to honor Fredrick Archer, who 1851 invented the process I started doing in 2007. Top is a Half plate the bottom is 8x10, both jappaned tin.