Wednesday, November 14, 2012

American Tintype

Very heart felt thanks to Matt and Emma, David Ford,Stu Pollard, Mary Pergola Parent, Hanan Tonwshend, James Gradone(Hanan that song is out of this world, I love it!)KellyDonnelly, Mr. Benedict Fancy, Casey Landfelder, Scott R Lewis, Andrew Francis =drop dead killer color, Mike Dillion , Brandie Konopasek and for those drop dead killer titles.... Kaya Thomas and EFILM digital Labotories, Method Design And Skywalker Sound.
And of course all my friends that pitch in all the time to help me along.

And if you are the praying type , please say a word for my friend Chris Morgan who was bit in the face by a really bad spider.


  1. A brilliantly done film of an
    insanely talented artist!

  2. Thank you Kat!
    Be sure to see Matt's other films.All the best,Harry

  3. Wow! Just saw the film here ( Love your work! I love vintage photos and dream of someday taking photos of my children the way you do it (not by myself of course, I'm def. not a photographer). Too bad you're located in NC :(
    Amazing work! Good luck in all.